Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lucy is Three

My Lucy turned three in October. This little girl is such a sweetheart. She is such a friendly and happy when she wants to be. She wants to be just like the big kids and is already telling me that she will be four on her next birthday.

Lucy went to the doctor for her yearly check-up in October, close to when she turned three. Lucy is 32.8 inches tall putting her in the 85th percentile for height.  Lucy weighed in a little over 32 pounds and coming in at the 70th percentile for weight.

Included in this post are picture that I took of Lucy from our trip to Creede around the time she turned three.

Lucy still loves mom!
Lucy LOVES her siblings and they love her!

Lucy LOVES it when Brandon comes home for the day. She gives him a big hug and kiss. She also insists he give her a kiss before he leaves for work, just like mom.

Lucy LOVES to snuggle. Brandon can't resist when she says, "Daddy, 'nuggle me?"

Lucy LOVES the movie Frozen. She calls herself Anna quite often and me Elsa. She even strokes my hair and sings the song Let it Go from the movie.

Lucy LOVES her yellow rain boots she received for her birthday from Ben.  She wears them almost every day.

Lucy LOVES play doh. She loves making creations; especially, making dresses for dolls with play doh.

Lucy LOVES to paint. Lucy really likes painting rainbows.

Lucy LOVES bubbles!

Lucy LOVES to sing! I love how she sings her heart out to songs that she knows!

Lucy LOVES to dance. Quite often I will turn on music and she will put on a princess dress and we will dance the morning away.

Lucy LOVES princesses. She loves watching princess movies.

Lucy LOVES Youtube videos about play doh. She would watch them all day.
Lucy can ride a bicycle. She loves going outside to play when the weather is nice.
Lucy enjoys being read to. We try to spend a little time each day snuggled up on the couch reading books together.

Lucy LOVES slides, but hates swings.

Lucy enjoys doing puzzles and playing games with our family.

Some of Lucy's favorite games to play with our family are Duck, Duck, Goose and Hide and Seek.

Lucy and Emmy have developed quite the sweet little relationship during the past few months. As Lucy has gotten older, it is wonderful to see their little bond develop. 

Lucy gets scared easily; especially when watching a show. 

Lucy is a creature of habit. If something happens once a certain way, then it needs to happen the rest of the time that same way.

Lucy still has the best smile ever!

I love how her blue eyes sparkle with excitement and mischief.

Lucy has a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. She loves to be silly!

I LOVE it when I get a hug and kiss from Lucy.  

Brandon and I are so grateful for the opportunity that we have to be our Lucy girl's parents.

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