Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lucy's Special Day

Early in October, my Lucy turned three and officially started off the birthday season at our house!

The kids were probably more excited for Lucy's birthday than she was.
Lucy was delighted to find balloons attached to her high chair in honor of her special day.

Of course, her birthday breakfast consisted of a mickey mouse shape pancake with a number two drawn in whipped cream on it.
We even sang Happy Birthday to Lucy and put a candle and lit it in the middle of her pancake.

Next, we were off to soccer games and football games while Lucy cheered on her kids as she calls them.

After Lucy's nap, we did things that she enjoys

We played Just Dance

We played with blocks

The kids and I went and had dinner at McDonald's while he went to the Priesthood Session of General Conference.
When dad came home, we opened Lucy's presents.

The kids were so excited to give Lucy their presents.

Lucy's favorite of the night had to have been the stuffed Anna doll mom and dad gave her.

To finish the night, we sang Happy Birthday to Lucy, had her blow out three candles and had cake and ice cream.

It was a fun day for our cute birthday girl.  

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