Monday, January 19, 2015

Fall Soccer Season 2014

Ben and Emmy played soccer this past fall. They rocked their season! Both Ben and Emmy were stars of the team, in different ways.  They each found ways to play their best for their team.

My Ben makes a great offensive player. He is a fast, smart and quick player.

My Emmy makes a great defender. She seems most confident defending the goal and has a good swift kick to send the ball out of danger.
I had the opportunity to coach their team and had a great time.
 Brandon was coaching football at the same time as soccer, as a result we don't have very many pictures of this season.

I love to see my kids play sports. I love to cheer my kids on as they play. I love to see my kids strengthen and take care of the bodies that they have been given. 

It was a great soccer season. 

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