Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trip to Salida

One Saturday early in November, we decided to be adventurous and head to the town called Salida.  It was a wonderful day. To start things off,  we had to stop at 7-11 so Brandon could get his Slurpee.  Next, we headed to a delicious restaurant that was next to the river.  Then, we walked along the river and watched some people kayak down the river. It was a amazing.

Next, we went to a local pottery shop where the kids were able to pick out a bowl to paint.  The boys had fun doing it, but Emmy was in heaven. She would have painted all day if we would have let her. The kids also thought it was pretty cool to watch the owner work with clay. 

After painting, we walked again along the river and checked out some fun things.

On our way out of town, we saw a miniature golf place that was so cheap since it was the off season.  We decided to play a round of golf.  The kids loved it! Lucy scooted along the green checking everything out.
To end the afternoon we stopped at 7-11 again for Brandon and at Sonic to get a treat before we headed it home.

It was a fun, relaxing, and beautiful day as a family. It was great day. 

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