Thursday, January 24, 2013

Early Christmas in Utah

While we were in Utah, we celebrated Christmas with my family. The kids got some awesome presents and were spoiled rotten.

From Sean and Tracy the boys got Bronco hats that they love.  Lucy received an adorable skirt and a cute book.  Emmy received a fun comfy outfit from Sean and Tracy.

Sean and Tracy also gave the kids an awesome sled!!

Millie gave Hryum a basketball hoop for his room that he thinks is awesome.

 Ben received a Beyblade keeper that he had been wanting since he picked out one for Hyrum for his birthday.
 Emmy received some playdough as well as her gift to go to Color Me Mine and Yogurt Land.

 Lucy received some fun boys that she insisted on wearing when she finished opening her present.

My parents gave the kids some fun books(that they love), adorable clothes and some fun toys.

The boys have played with their new Beyblade toys no stop!

 Lucy is in LOVE with her ball popping Elephant and does the most adorable dance to the music.

 Emmy is a play dough fan!
We gave Millie some bubble earrings and an omelet pan she was wanting. 

We gave Sean a CD and a I-tunes Gift Card.

We gave Tracy some bubble earrings, gloves and her spray that she likes.

Lucy gave my mom and dad her hand print on an ornament for their Christmas tree (just like the other three have done). 

We gave my mom a new hand mixer as well as her collage of pictures that she likes.

All the kids chipped in and bought my dad a Malt Machine

Brandon and I also received some nice gifts and presents from everyone.  My parents gave us a very nice set of pots and pans.   My personal favorite were the warm boots that Millie got me. I love them! Also, I received some nice smelly things from Sean and Tracy. We also received a CocoMotion which we have enjoyed using this winter!
The highlight of the presents was when my parents told my kids that they would take them to DISNEY LAND!!  My parents made this adorable presents for the kids to open with homemade tickets inside and for a calendar to count down the days.  We thought the kids were going to be so excited...they weren't.  I don't think they know what they are getting themselves into. When we try to explain to the kids that Disney Land is where Mickey and Minnie are, Ben promptly responded, "They're fake!"  However, the kids have been talking about going to the most wonderful place on Earth and mentioning it in their prayers.  I think they are getting excited. 

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