Friday, January 11, 2013

Hyrum's 8th Birthday

My darling Hyrum turned eight in November.  I can not believe he is that old already.  He had a wonderful birthday.  To start the morning off, I had donuts for him and a made him our traditional Mickey Mouse Pancakes. 

Hyrum enjoyed talking to my parents in the morning and LOVED the planet birthday card they gave him. 

Next, we headed out to Hyrum's basketball game. He did great and even scored.

Then, per Hyrum's request, we went to pizza hut for lunch. 

Brandon and Hyrum then headed off to an Adam's State Football game and froze to death.

Next, they hurried home to get ready for Hyrum's birthday party.  Hyrum picked a glow in the dark theme for his birthday party and it was awesome!  I will do a post just about his party next.

After the party, our neighbors Chuck and Genia came over to give Hyrum their present. We are so very lucky to have them as neighbors.

Since Hyrum's party finished so late, we decided that we would do family presents the next day.

Hyrum received books from Lucy.
Emmy gave Hyrum a glow in the dark sand ball and an Angry Birds coloring pad.
Ben thought it was so cool he gave Hyrum a whoopee cushion and a beyblade holder.
Brandon's parents gave Hyrum some clothes and a toy.
 Brandon's sister gave Hyrum some shrinky dinks.
 We gave Hyrum some clothes and a basketball that he had been wanting.

Since Hyrum's birthday was on the weekend, I took lunch to him on a different day. He loves it when I bring a Happy Meal to him. He especially likes when I request bacon to be put on his sandwhich.
For Hyrum's baptism present (they gave birthday presents earlier), My parents gave Hyrum a brand new set of scriptures. Hyrum has loved them and thinks he is pretty fancy using them 

Overall he had an awesome birthday!

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