Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's Day was a fun day at out house. Lucy and I went and met Brandon for lunch. It was wonderful to see him.  The kids loved their Valentine's Day parties they had at school. It was fun to hear all their excitement and chatter as they told me about their fun day.

The kids were eager to come home and go through their valentines that they received from their friends at school.
 The kids LOVE that I put up conversation hearts around the room for Valentines. Balloons were also blown up and they were a big hit with the kids. Also, I forgot to give the kids their balloons the night before when we had dinner. I gave them shortly after dinner and Lucy loved hers!

 Hyrum was cute and even put up his own hearts this year that he made for our family.

Hyrum received a lot of attention from a girl in his class during the week of Valentines. Every day he would come home with at least one love note from her. On Valentine's Day he received three valograms. He received one from Brandon and I, and the other two were from girls in his class!

The kids received two packages on Valentine's Day.  One was from my parents and Millie. They were given a fun valentines card (with a dollar inside) and some cute books.

 My brother Sean and his wife Tracy also put together a fun valentines package for the kids with popcorn, squeeze-its, cheetos, M&M's and the movie Little Rascals. Tracy also made fun Valentines cards that the kids loved!

My grandma, my dad's mom, also sent some cute valentine's for the kids earlier in the week.  Lucy loved packing the "woof-woof" around the house.  

Also on Valentine's we took some plates of goodies we made around to some of the widows in the ward. The kids told them that the plates were made with love.  It was cute to watch the kids and fun to see the reaction of the ladies when they saw the kids standing on the door.

To end the night, we headed to a performance by the BYU dancers about LOVE.  It was okay. I am sure we would have enjoyed the performance more without a sick baby (who we later found out she had a roaring ear infection) and restless kids.

However, for the most part it was a fun loving day! 

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