Friday, November 22, 2013

High School Homecoming Game

Another thing that I really love about our small community is the fact that they try to involve everyone in their activities. I love how the high school kids come to the elementary school to read books and play games with the elementary students. I love the fact that the elementary kids are invited to participate in the homecoming events for the high school.  My kids loved the homecoming festivities last year and eagerly looked forward to them this time around. 

Emmy was anxious to get her face painted.   The boys got their face painted too!

At the beginning of the game, the elementary kids are able to find a football player to run out on the field with. Each of the kids were able to find someone they knew from our ward.

At half time, the kids ride a tractor pulling hay around the track and cheer for the high school. This year, the tractor had some issues so the kids ran around the track.

The kids love it when the cheerleaders through footballs and candy out.

Lucy thought she was pretty fancy cheering with the kids.

It was a fun afternoon supporting our team!

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