Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Field Day 2014

Another exciting end of the school year activity that the kids love is Field Day.  The PE teacher puts a variety of stations for the kids to rotate through and do each activity.  My kids love it!!

Hyrum took first place in the basketball rotation and the water relay. Hyrum's favorite rotation was basketball.
Emmy's favorite rotation was also one that she took first place in and it was jump rope.
Ben took first place in the Frisbee toss, 50 yard dash, and jump roping.  Ben's favorite rotation was the 50 yard dash.
Some other fun events were: feather balancing, long jump, shoe fling and high jump.

Lucy loved being at the school and cheering on her kids and playing with her friends.
Brandon and I were both able to go to Field Day and cheer on our kids.  I love being able to go to events and cheer my kids on!

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