Saturday, July 26, 2014

Time with Lucy

Lucy has always been my little buddy. While the kids were gone to school, we did everything together.  Lucy loves to read books, do puzzles, bubbles, file folder games, dancing (she pretends she is a "rina", AKA ballerina) and playing outside with me.

She is also a big fan of side walk chalk.

One of the days the kids were at school, she and I spent time drawing shapes on the sidewalk. After we drew a few shapes in different colors, I would ask her to find the blue circle or green triangle. It was a way that we could focus on shapes and colors at the same time.

I loved the little circles she drew; especially the ones that she made into a happy face. 

Later in the day, we painted, which is another one of  Lucy's favorite things to do.  She thinks painting is wonderful.  This time we painted, we used sponges in different shapes. 

The dog shirt she is wearing is one of her favorite shirts to wear. 

I love this little girl and I am grateful for the moments that I have to focus my loving just  on her.

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  1. This is so great! I think Lucy and Kate would get along really well :)