Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Talent Show

My two cute twins eagerly anticipated the end of the year talent show. Each of them decided what talent they would share with the school on their own.

Ben picked jump roping. I told him that if he wanted to do it, that he needed to practice, so he did. I tried to help him and give him pointers, but he wanted to do his thing. Luckily the people in charge of the talent show helped him out and played some music while he jumped. I love my red headed boy. I am proud of his confidence and belief in himself that he can do anything.

Emmy decided to do feather balancing (with peacock feathers) with her friend, Briana. The girls got together and practiced their routine.  The girls even planned to wear their clothes that looked the most like peacock feathers.  The girls were cute and did a great job balancing their feathers.  Emmy even balanced her feather on her nose!! I loved watching her.  I was proud of her for being brave and doing something that was a step outside her comfort zone.

Lucy and I loved going and cheering on our kids while they performed their talents. 

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