Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Percy Jackson Party

In the month of November, we invited some of Hyrum's best buddies to our house to celebrate his 11th birthday.  Hyrum chose to have a Percy Jackson party (one of his favorite book series at the time).
When the kids first arrived, we did a word search of  Percy Jackson words.
Next, we played the name game. The name game is a favorite of all our kids.
Then, we divided up the boys and sent them outside to play Capture the Flag.
 The boys loved every minute of playing the game.

The boys then enjoyed demolishing the Pinata!

We then came inside and Hyrum opened presents. Of course Brandon made an amazing Percy Jackson/ Greek Gods themed cake. The boys devoured the cake and ice cream after we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum.

A usual favorite of the night is the flour game that we have played at many of our birthday parties.

To finish the night, until parents came, the boys played Capture the Flag again.

It was such a fun night to celebrate my handsome Hyrum!

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