Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ben's Crazy Birthday Party

Ben was so excited for his birthday party back in October 2015.  He wanted to play a variety of games and have his dad make a Minecraft cake.

When the kids first arrived at the party, we had them decorate their bag for the pinata.

Next, we went outside and did relay races and the soccer game knock out, per Ben's request.

We then played the "Skittle Game" and the "Flour Game."  Ben was so excited to play these games with his friends.

Then, we went outside for the boys to break open the pinata that Ben picked out.

Ben was completely spoiled by his friends with the gifts they gave him.

Next, we had cake and ice cream after Ben was sung Happy Birthday! Brandon did a wonderful job on the cake!

It was a fun party to celebrate our Ben Boo.

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