Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ben and Emmy are Nine!

Back in October of 2015, my sweet Ben and my cute Emmy turned nine years old!

To start the morning off, they had blueberry pancakes for breakfast that had the number nine drawn on it with whipped cream!

Both Ben and Emmy were so excited for their special day. They picked out cupcakes and drinks that they wanted to give their classmates.

I felt so bad, I was sick with the flu on their birthday. As a result, Brandon used his lunch break to bring McDonald's happy meals to the kids.  Brandon also took the kids out for dinner to Chili's, the restaurant the kids picked to eat at.

After the kids came home, we opened their birthday presents.

To finish the night, the kids had cake and ice cream. Even though I was sick, their day still turned out pretty nice.

Emmy is quite the artist! She is always thinking of something creative to make from random things around the house.  Emmy is a beautiful dancer, a talented athlete and a great big sister! Emmy is a lover! Emmy is a giver! She gives the best hugs!

Ben has turned into quite the reader lately. He has devoured many books. Ben loves learning facts about states.  Ben loves to run! He has decided that running is his favorite sport.  Ben is quick to smile, laugh and tease. He brings much happiness to our lives.

Brandon and I are blessed to be the parents of these cute kids!

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