Sunday, July 3, 2016

More Birthday Spoiling

 When my parents came in October of 2015, they brought birthday presents from everyone for my kids.

Presents from Sean and Tracy.

The boys were thrilled to receive their new work out pants from Millie and Court.

A jean jacket from Millie!
 Lucy was so excited for her magic clips! She has been wanting some!

Lucy got new black boots! She has worn those boots like crazy. 

Spy Gear stuff from grandma and Papa. 

The girls received the new Cinderella movie that came out earlier in the year. They love that show!

Emmy had been dying for a pair of comfy flip flops. She was quite thrilled when grandma and papa pulled through for her.

Hyrum's favorite gift had to have been the book he had been waiting for to come out. He received this book from Grandma and Papa. I love these pictures of him with his wonderful smile!

Grandpa Chocolate gave his infamous present of an envelope with money in it. You receive a dollar for how old you are.

Of course they received their fun birthday bag of goodies from Grandma Chocolate.
Grandma and Grandpa T. sent a fun birthday card with a gift card in it for each of the kids' birthdays.

The kids were quite spoiled and were thrilled with their new presents. They are lucky to have so many wonderful people who love them!

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