Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hyrum's Special Day

Hyrum turned 11 in the month of November 2015. He was very excited for his birthday. His siblings were excited to celebrate his special day too.

For breakfast, Hyrum had pancakes, with the number eleven drawn with whipped cream, eggs and his favorite food, bacon.

 I loved finding selfies on my phone that Hyrum took of himself! They were hilarious!

Lucy and I checked Hyrum out from school on his birthday and took him to lunch. Daddy even joined us for his special lunch. It was great talking to Hyrum and having some bonding time with him.

After school we went to Chili's for dinner, went to Hyrum's basketball game and then we came home for cake and ice cream and presents.

The kids loved giving Hyrum his birthday presents.

We loved celebrating our handsome Hyrum who is growing up too fast for my liking.

Hyrum is a great young man.  He is very smart. Hyrum loves to read and has devoured many books!  Hyrum tries to a be friend to everyone, even those who don't have many friends.

Hyrum's talent is swimming. He is a talented swimmer. Hyrum also enjoys playing basketball too.

Hyrum still has a great laugh and a wonderful smile.

Hyrum can be a great brother.

Hyrum tries to be good, he isn't perfect, but he is trying his best to be the best person he can be.  We are so lucky to have him in our family!

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