Monday, July 22, 2013

Basbeballs and Kites

One night in early June we headed to the park for the kids to fly kites an play baseball.  The kids received kites from the Easter Bunny and had been dying to try them out.  Also, the boys needed to practice for the upcoming baseball season. 

It was a fun night. The boys played baseball with Brandon for awhile and I flew kites with the girls and took them to play on the play ground. 

After the boys were finished playing baseball, they came and played tag with us on the playground.  Next, we went and flew kites again. We were able to get all three kites up in the air at one time.  The kids loved it!  Also, Lucy would walk around saying kite, kite over and over again.  It was really cute.

This is how my life goes. Lucy is content to let Brandon hold her for a minute, but then she wants her mom back!
It was a wonderful summer evening that we spent as a family.

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