Monday, July 1, 2013

My Butterfly Ballerina

May 11th was the highly anticipated event of Emmy's ballet recital.  Both she and I had been looking forward to the recital all year. She had worked so hard during her dance class.  Emmy learned many things and was a great student that her teacher loved and Emmy loved her teacher.  It was a wonderful opportunity to have something just for Emmy.  Ballet was something for her to be herself and excel. 

Emmy was so excited on the dress rehearsal and the day of the ballet performance to have pink cheeks and red lips.  Emmy thought that she was  pretty fancy with make-up on.  Emmy was told she had to have her hair slicked back in a bun; we practiced many times.  Emmy made sure all her fingernail polish was off, had no gum, and  made sure to follow all the other rules that her teacher had drilled into the dancers' brains. 

Emmy was a butterfly during her dance recital.  I loved every minute of watching her dance. She took my breath away and made me tear up as I watched her proudly dance across the stage. 

Emmy was tickled pink to receive so many flowers from our neighbors, my parents, and Brandon. 

Emmy was lucky to have my parents come and watch her dance.  She was pretty proud to have some of her grandparents in the audience. 

Little Emmy is growing up too fast. I have told her many times that she is getting too big and that she can't have a birthday next year.  She laughs my comment away and tells me that I am being silly and that she will have a birthday much to my dismay and get older.
I am so proud of my lovely Emmy and who she is becoming which is a confident, strong, smart and beautiful inside and out little girl.

PS notice how awesome her bun is!  Those ballroom dancing days paid off! 

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