Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Trip to the Sand Dunes

There is a short period of time when the Sand Dunes that are close by us have water and have the somewhat appearance of a beach.
  This year, the time fell around Memorial Day. We decided to pack up the kids and head out to explore the sandy beach. 
 As you can tell by my crazy hair and Lucy's that the wind was vicious that day. Our kids would fall down to their knees because of how powerful the sand was hitting their legs due to the wind.  The kids would whine as the sand would blow into their eyes and they couldn't see anything.  The sleds we brought to ride down the dunes would blow away from us. It was quite the experience.  However, the kids enjoyed their time imensly of playing in the freezing water (the water comes from the snow caps in the mountains) and the sandy mud!   The big kids played in the mud for awhile.
 Despite the weather, it was a fun day as a family that we finished off with frostys from Wendys! 

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