Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Trip to the Royal Gorge Bridge

On June 6th, the day before our 10th wedding anniversary, Brandon finally told me what he had planned for us to do on our anniversary.  He had planned for us to go to The Royal Gorge bridge, which is close to Canon City,Co.  Brandon also planned for one of our good friends to watch our kids for the day.

I woke up on the 7th, our anniversary, to find a treasure hunt of sorts displaying various pictures.  At first I thought the pictures were of  the Royal Gorge, but I soon found out that Brandon had set everything up to take me to San Diego later in the month for his work convention.  I was so excited!  I will do a post about San Diego later, for now I will focus on our trip to the Royal Gorge Bridge.

After I recovered from my excitement, we got ready for the day, dropped off the kids at my friends house and headed off to the Royal Gorge.  I am so grateful that we were able to see the Royal Gorge Bridge in all its glory before it burned. A fire savagely burned down the royal gorge area just days after we went. 

The Royal Gorge Bridge was amazing! The views were breathtaking!

When we first got to the park, we went on a vertical train called the incline railway that took us down underneath the bridge.  The train was traveling at a 45 degree angle.  It was such a unique experience to see the bridge from the ground up.

While we were under the bridge, we took a moment to take some fun pictures with the timer.  One of my favorite things about Brandon is that he is always up for a good time and knows how to have fun.

After the train, we walked across the bridge and made sure to stop and get pictures with the flags from the various states that we have lived in. 
Where it all began!

Next we devoured a delicious funnel cake while we watched a video about the history of the Royal Gorge Bridge.

 Then, we explored the western side and saw a gun fight.  After, we headed back to the other side via the aerial tram.

To finish our romantic day, we rode on the carousel and maybe snuck a kiss or two.

For dinner, we stopped in Salida for some delicious wood pizza.

I loved spending the day with my sweetheart.  It was fun to have time for just us.  I loved that he took the time to plan that special day for us. 

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