Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baseball Tournament

The middle of July brought baseball tournaments. Each of the kids played hard and had fun! I was proud of each of their progress they made this season as they worked hard at practice and at home to improve and become better players.  Each day the kids had to catch 30 pop flies coming off the roof. Also, I took the kids a few times to the park to practice hitting.   I hope the kids remembered how hard they worked and how hard work brings forth great results.

Hyrum's team took second in his division. Hyrum played first base and catcher for most of the season.

Ben and Emmy's team won their age division.
Emmy and Ben both played well during their games through out the tournaments. Each of them had some great hits and got people out.

During the last game, in the last inning, our team was ahead by a couple of runs. Ben was playing short stop. The batter hit a pop fly right to him. Ben caught the pop fly and ran to touch second base for a double play. Then a couple of batters later, the ball was hit right to Ben again and he tossed it to his friend on second to get the batter out.

I am proud of my kids and how hard they worked to do their best!

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