Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zapata Falls

We were lucky to have Brandon's sister and her family come and spend some time with us during the month of July. 

Her family came with us to baseball games, the pioneer activity, to the park, etc. We had a fun time playing games and just being with each other. We had a great time together. One of my favorite things was that she made dinner every night she was here. 

One of the fun things that we did together was to hike Zapata Falls. When we first got to the trail head, we had a great lunch together.

Zapata Falls is an easy enough hike and very beautiful. Hannah was kind and carried Lucy for a little bit.

The big kids had a great time exploring through the cave to the majestic waterfall.

I stayed behind with Lucy and threw rocks in the water (one of her favorite things to do).

The little kids, myself and Lorri played in the water while Carson and Hannah went off exploring!

It was a fun day spent with cousins!

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