Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Primary Pioneer Acitvity

The area were we live is filled with rich pioneer history. This summer, the primary in our ward planned an activity for the kids to learn more about the history where they live.  It was fun having our cousin Natalie and Aunt Lorri join with us for the activity.

The kids absolutely loved riding and pushing the hard carts from historic place to historic place. At the different historic places, the kids would learn about the history of our town.

We stopped in the middle at a meadow and the kids were able to play pioneer games like stick pulling and sack races.

The kids also learned how to square dance.

Next, the kids had a snack of jerky and biscuits.

The kids were then able to cross through a ditch. I thought it was so sweet to see Hyrum help the little kids through the ditch. It brought tears to my eyes.

The last spot of the day was at the old church. This church is notorious for having snakes fall down from the ceiling during Sacrament meeting! Yikes.

Ben thought this old brick from the church was fun to play with. 
To end the day, the kids ate their picnic lunch and had more rides in the hand carts.

It was a fun activity!

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