Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fourth of July- Part 2

To start the morning of the Fourth of July off, the kids and I headed to the park for the 5K and fun run.

This is a picture of all my family that either participated in the 5K, the fun run or came on to cheer on the family! I promise I am there in it, I am standing by Roger and Tracy.

I am so proud of the way I ran that race. I know I don't look like I am going very fast in the picture, but I ran my fastest 5K time. I worked hard to improve and be a better runner. The time I came in at was 26:21 according to the race records. Although, I think my time was closer to the 26:35 mark.

I loved being able to stand on the sidelines after I finished the race and cheer the rest of our family on!   My family did really well and had top finishers in a lot of the age categories.

After the 5K, the kids participated in a fun mile run! They pushed hard and had fun.

The 5K and mile run was a great way to start off the festive day!

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