Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lucy's First Season of Soccer

Lucy was so excited to finally play soccer this past spring. She saw her older siblings play multiple games and was quiet pleased for it to finally be her turn!

Watching Lucy play her games was quite an adventure.  In one trip down the field, Lucy kicked the ball in from out of bounds, she stopped to give Brandon a high five and blow me a kiss. By the time she made it down the field, her team had already scored a goal!

Another game Lucy took on the role of helping everyone up who fell down.

Other times she would be in her own little world out there on the field! 

Lucy was on a team with some great players and with her being the youngest, she didn't get the ball that often. As a result, two different times that she had the ball, she took off  and kicked the ball in the oppisite direction and scored in the other team's goal! It was pretty funny! She was quite proud of herself.

I think her favorite part of the season was playing with her friend Sydney and having snacks!

It was a fun year for Lucy and she is ready to play again this fall!

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