Friday, August 21, 2015

Spring Fling

In April the kids had their Spring Fling.  The kids were so excited for this night to share with Brandon and I what they had been working so hard on.

The kids also worked hard with their Music teacher to learn fun songs to share during the night.

Ben and Emmy worked on a fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle song.  The kids even dressed up like turtles.
Ben and Emmy's class also dance to the song Shake It Off and a remix of All About that Bass.

Hyrum's grade performed a version of the Everything is Awesome song.  Hyrum was also able to display his music skills in accompanying his class with a xylophone and recorder. 

Hyrum's grade pretended not to be very good dancers and then they did this amazing light show. I was disappointed, I forgot to empty my camera all the way before the night so I only was able to record a little bit of his light show. Brandon however was able to get a good amount on his phone.

I loved watching the kids perform that night. I knew that all the kids had worked so hard to be prepared and ready for the night.  It was cute to see how excite they all were to share their skills of dancing and singing.

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