Friday, August 21, 2015

Pinewood Derby

The month of April also brought the Pinewood Derby for our two scouts.

The boys highly anticipated this day and looked forward to it.  Both of the boy worked hard with Brandon to form and shape their cars. It was Ben's first derby. He was so excited for the event he could hardly stand it.

When we first arrived at he derby, the boys each needed to weigh in their cars.

The kids were so excited to watch the races. Many of the boys, mine included, were jumping up and down with each race. 

 Brandon decided that the name of gazelle fit Ben. He would eagerly run back and forth bouncing with excitement.

 The "yes"fist pull with the victory.
Of course part of the great fun is hanging out with your best buddies during the derby.

Hyrum's car and Ben's car both did well.

It was a fun night with our boys. 

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