Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spring Soccer

All of our children participated in soccer this past spring.

All four of them worked hard, became a stronger soccer player, became better at working with others and had lots of fun.

I had to post these of Lucy. She is such a cute little soccer player to watch.  She improved leaps and bounds from the beginning.

I had the opportunity to coach Emmy and Ben again.  Once again, Emmy played more as a defensive player and she rocked it. She has improved in her ability to predict what the other team would do and attack. I love how she goes after the ball head on.

Ben once again played more of a forward position.  He is such an amazing soccer player to watch. He is getting fancy in his foot work and his ball controlling ability.  He scored over twenty goals through out the season.

Hyrum also tried something new this season. Hyrum played a good portion of his soccer games as goalie. He got better with every game at protecting the net.  Hyrum had some awesome saves and he has a pretty good kick to get the ball out of trouble.

Overall, it was a great season.  Brandon and I loved watching the games and cheering on our kids!

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