Sunday, August 16, 2015

More Easter Fun

We had such a busy weekend Easter weekend. The kids were able to participate in three different egg hunts, watch conference, play at Kangaroo Zoo and go to Hot Chocolate grandma's house!

The first egg hunt was with Lindon City.  We went with my dad, who is a member of city council.

The kids were excited to hunt the eggs and had a fun time.  I think my favorite part was running into some old junior high friends.

I was so proud of Emmy, she noticed some late comers to the hunt and shared some of her eggs with them since they didn't get any.  As luck would have it, she gave one of the grand prize eggs to the other kids. However, despite giving the girl the golden egg, Emmy was still happy she shared her eggs. My Emmy is great at loving people and is a giver.

Next, we went back to my parents house to do a quick egg hunt with my parents' neighbors and watch conference.

After General Conference, we headed over to Sean and Tracy's house for a fun BBQ and egg hunt. 

Sean was the master of the grill!

We had a great time celebrating Easter with all of our festivities. 

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