Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last Day of School May 2015

The end of May brought the last day of school.  My babies are growing up on me!

On the last day of school, the awards assembly was held.  The kids made out like a bandit!
Emily received the award of National Physical Fitness.   National Award of Fitness  means she was in the top fifteen percent of scores and times in at least three of the standards set by the nation to receive this award.The kids were graded on five categories: Curl-ups, shuttle run, , endurance run/walk, pull-ups, and sit and reach.  She ran her mile in 8:45!

Emmy also received a Computer Whiz award which means that she was a great kids in computer class. She was able to listen, follow directions and help others.

Hyrum received a ton of music awards. He received the Recorder-Exceptional award.  Hyrum worked like crazy to memorize record songs to play and pass off to his teacher.  He also received an award for being in Music Club. Hyrum also received an award for his treble cleft flash cards memorization.  Hyrum loved every minute of being apart of Music Club.

Hyrum also received the National Physical Fitness Award.  He ran his mile in 10:16.

Hyrum also received the Computer Whiz  award.

Ben received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. To receive the Presidential Award of Fitness, he had to be in the top ten percent of scores and times in the five categories.  Ben did great.    His mile time was 7:24!  

Ben also received the Computer Whiz award.

I am proud of how hard each of them worked to try their best to improve and be the best student they can be.

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