Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Museum of Natural Curiousity

 While in Utah, we visited the museum of Natural Curiosity.  The museum was a big hit! There was such a variety of hands-on activities my kids were in pure heaven.  

 Hyrum loved doing the different test.  You had to use your senses to figure out the answer.  At this particular station. Hyrum had to press a button and a mystery smell would come out.  Hyrum then had to decide between the three choices listed what the smell matched. 
 The museum had an amazing playground

 Feeling the wind similar to a tornado!

The kids loved the variety of water stations.

The exhibit called town of Kidopolis was an exciting place.

 One of the kids favorite spots was the floating head.  Each of the kids wanted their picture taken.  They thought they looked pretty cool. 
 Of course my girls found the art station. In the picture below, they are playing with sand.

 Ben absolutely loved the magic booth. 

 The next area we explored was the Movement exhibit. 

The kids had a grand time on the six simple machines in the Archimedes Playground

 Ben became a pirate and Lucy a butterfly as they put on a show for me to enjoy.

We spent most of our day exploring the various activities at the museum.  We had a marvelous time at there. 

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