Thursday, September 24, 2015

Seattle Trip

At the end of June, Brandon and I took a little getaway to Seattle. Brandon had a work conference and decided he wanted me there with him.  He surprised me with tickets to go with him for our Anniversary.  Brandon even made arrangements with my mom to come and watch the kids while we were gone.

Some of the highlights from our trip included

The Public Market.  We had the most amazing croissant sandwiches for breakfast and delicious chocolate milk. 

Brandon found some delicious peaches and was in heaven. He said he has never had a peach quite like it.

One place that I really enjoyed on our trip was the Klondike Museum.  The information we learned there was pretty fascinating. 

We went to the Seattle Mariner's baseball game. I love going to games. However, we had to leave early since I ended up with the stomach flu. It was a rough week and I was sick for our whole trip and so was Brandon.

I met my best friend from high school, Natalie, for a trip on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. She even brought her adorable kids on our journey which included stopping for a yummy lunch and wonderful ice cream.  Brandon and I also went to Natalie's house for a delicious dinner. 

Brandon and I went to the Space Needle.  The view was quite impressive.  We even added our name and hometown to the map.

We also went to the Chulily Glass exhibit. I think the exhibit was Brandon's favorite part of the trip.

 The glass creations were absolutely amazing!

 Brandon wanted  me to stand in front of the purple glass creations since my favorite color is purple.
Brandon and I also went on the ferry again to Bainbridge Island to enjoy the view and get some ice cream.

To end our trip we went to the Museum of Flight and were completely floored with what we saw.
 At the museums, there was air craft from every era.

We even got to tour an old Air Force One plan which was awesome.

Although we were sick, it was still wonderful to get away for awhile and enjoy our time alone.  It was the prefect way to celebrate twelve years of wedded bliss!  

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