Thursday, February 21, 2013

100th Day of School

Earlier in the month of February, Ben and Emmy celebrated the 100th day of school. When Ben and Emmy came home from school, they were eager to tell me about all the exciting and fun things they did at school to celebrate the 100th day.  They had a wonderful day.

Earlier in the week, the kids brought 100 of the same item to school of something they could eat.  They each brought a variety of conversation hearts.  They did a fun math worksheet figuring out everyone's snacks.

The snack that weighed the most was: fruit snacks
The snack that weighed the least was: Cherrios
The snack that had the full bag was marshmallows
The snack that looked the yummiest was: Ben- Peanut M&Ms, Emmy- Jelly Beans

After they did their math, they mixed all the treats up and shared with everyone!

The kids were asked to draw a picture of what they would do if they had $100. Ben said he would buy lots of beyblades and a lunch box.
 Emmy said that she would count her money.
The kids also listed things that they would like 100 of.   Ben said he would like 100 hands, 100 footballs, 100 guns (to shoot animals), but that we would NOT like to have 100 bees!

Emmy said that she would like to have 100 snacks (no surprise there, she has the BIGGEST sweet tooth), 100 money, 100 flowers, but she would NOT like to have 100 bees!

Also for the 100th day, the kids drew pictures of what they thought that they would look like at 100 years old. I thought their drawings were very cute! I loved Ben's brown dots on the head of his picture. If you look close, you can tell that they are glasses.  I did have to have him tell me what they were though!

I love that my kids are so excited to go to school. They have loved every minute of their time in Kindergarten and are doing marvelous!

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