Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Christmas Tree 2012

I know it is February and I am finally getting around to posting Christmas.  A little before Thanksgiving we set to work getting our house decorated for Christmas.  The kids were so excited!  They love to help decorate for each holiday. Of course one of the biggest highlights when decorating for Christmas is decorating the tree. The kids love (and so do I ) going through old ornaments and reminiscing about when and how we received each one. 

The kids receive an ornament each year based on what has happened in their life recently.

Hyrum received a basketball ornament since he started playing basketball.

Emmy received a ballet shoes ornaments to represent her starting ballet.

Ben received a baseball since he started playing T-ball this past spring.

Lucy received a little girl carrying a book and a bear. She LOVES books and she loves her stuff dog that she has. 
I also picked up a Colorado one to represent our move to Colorado. 

Our tree looked beautiful. I thought everyone did a great job working together to decorate the tree.

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