Thursday, February 21, 2013

Basketball Boys

In January and Febrauary the boys participated in a basketball camp that was put on by the janitors at their school. The boys LOVED every minute of it. They loved playing and learning the game of basketball and having a great time with their friends.  They also thought it was awesome that the practice would end with a race amongst the boys! Plus, the price was very reasonable. 

The boys LOVED wearing their uniforms. Ben and Hyrum thought they looked awesome in them. I loved how their cute little arms looked.  I had to hold a laugh in as they would show me their big guns( their muscles)! 
 The kids were disappointed when they had to turn their uniforms back in at the end of the camp. 

Hyrum pretending to shoot a basketball.Notice a little tag along in the bottom of the picture? Anytime I take a picture of someone she thinks she needs to be there too!

Hyrum wanted to make sure that I took a picture of both the white side and the blue side of his jersey!
 The directors even put together a small program to celebrate everyone who did the camp. They also had a pizza party, but we didn't attend that.   

Overall, a great experience for the boys!
(Sorry the pictures are so crummy. The camera is still broken)

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