Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Valentine's Day Dinner

On February 13th we had our traditional Valentine's Day dinner (since we had something going on in the evening of the 14th).  I loved how excited the kids were and how they greatly anticipated our dinner. 

Like always, the kids were sent out of the room while we got everything ready and set the tables.  Then we had the kids come out youngest to oldest.  Each of the kids were very excited to see their little treasures at their seat. Each big kid was given a new Wii game, Zebra Gum and a box of chocolates.  Lucy was given some squeeze fruit that she loves and the movie Thumbelina.
Brandon gave all of the ladies, including me, flowers. I love how excited Emmy gets when she sees the flowers that Brandon had for her.  Lucy was so cute smelling the flowers with Brandon.

I gave Brandon some movies and some girl scout cookies.  
 Brandon also gave me weights for Valentines as well as a new camera!! I was so shocked and so excited when I pulled out my seat to find it sitting there.   Hyrum told me that I did a happy skip.  I was so excited to have this new camera to document the precious childhood of our children.  I bet you can tell which pictures were taken with our new camera in this post. 

For dinner we had Rigatoni, homemade bread sticks, salad, vegetables and Danish Dessert (one of my mom's recipes that is to DIE for).  Of course the dinner wouldn't be complete without a fancy drink; sparkling apple cider. Below is Hyrum licking the bowl from his dessert- yes, the Danish Dessert is that amazing!

I felt bad, Lucy did not feel well. I found out a few days later she had an ear infection.

Emmy and Hyrum are making the shape of a heart with their hands. 
Overall it was wonderful night and an opportunity to celebrate our love for one another.

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