Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas Fun 2012

We had a great Christmas season.  Our family was able to do many fun things to celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

One of the things we did with another family was going caroling to some of the widows in our ward and deliver them a plate of treats. We also went and picked out some Christmas presents for a family in our area that doesn't have very much. The kids were cute and very excited to pick out presents for a little boy.

As a family we decorated a gingerbread house and a gingerbread man.  The kids love doing this. Brandon is the expert that really helps the kids with the frosting and such.  The kids were assigned a special part on the house to decorate. 
I can't believe how much Lucy has changed from these pictures a few months ago.  She was just learning to walk in December. 

The kids were also able to go caroling to a local nursing home and share treats with the residents there.  Also, the kids and I took a present to donate to the homeless shelter for a little boy in our area.

Of course, we went to the ward Christmas party.  Ben and Emmy were asked to play Joseph and Mary in our ward's Nativity. I thought they looked so cute and did such a great job.

  Hyrum and the other big kids were able to be in the front of the stage and sing the Christmas songs that they had learned.

After the kids sang, Santa came.  The big kids were really excited to see Santa (Emmy was still a little nervous). 

Lucy was not fan!

Although it was a busy Christmas season with all the many other things we had going on, it was a great time to be with our little family. 

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