Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ben and Emmy's Special Day

Since Ben and Emmy's birthday last year was on a Sunday and their birthday parties were the day before, we kept their celebrations small.

The kids started out their breakfast morning with a birthday doughnut, with a candle for them to blow out after we sang Happy Birthday to them.

Next, we headed off to church.

After church, we spent time playing games and doing things that the kids love.

Ben and Emmy picked to have hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner.

Chuck and Genia stopped by to wish the kids Happy Birthday!

We sang Happy Birthday to Ben and Emily and then they were able to blow out their special eight candle which was placed atop of rice krispies.

Later that day, we opened presents.
 Ben was so excited for this game!
Hyrum was really cute giving the kids his presents. Emmy loved the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers movie that he gave her. Ben was excited for the football and Pokemon cards Hyrum gave him.

Lucy was so excited to give the kids her presents.
Emmy loves shoes!
Brandon's parents gave the kids some money and a fun card. The kids received a gift card from Brandon's sisters family.

Overall it was a pretty simple fun family day to celebrate two cute kids!

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