Sunday, February 1, 2015

Darth Vadar Birthday Fun

Ben decided he wanted to have a Star War's Birthday party to match the costume he picked for Halloween, Darth Vader.

Ben loved meeting his guests in his costume.

Despite the Star Wars theme, we didn't do any activity that was Star Wars.

While other guests were arriving, we played Cranium Hulabaloo.
Ben wanted to do a relay race with his friends. At each station the kids had to do an activity such as ten push ups, ten jumping jacks, ten mountain climbers, or a somersault before they could move on to the next station.

The kids loved every minute of the relay race.
Another highlight of the party was when the kids took turns running and jumping into the leaf pile.

Next, we played the skittle game.  Each person was given a cup and a straw.  The person who's turn it was, got to suck up as many skittles as they could with their straw and transfer them to their cup.  The next person in line was rolling the dice and as soon as that person rolled a six it was their turn.  The kids loved it!

Then we played the flour game which I played growing up. I used a bowl to make a flour mold and flipped it over onto a pan.  A starburst was then placed on the top of the mound.  Each person took a turn to cut a piece of the flour away.  If the starburst fell, the person who made it fall had to use only their mouth to get the starburst out.  The boys thought that this game was awesome! Even after we finished the game, almost every boy wanted to have a turn to stick their face in the flour.  It was pretty funny.

Next, we opened presents. Like Emmy, Ben was spoiled by his friends.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Ben and had cake and ice cream.

Of course Brandon made a wonderful cake for Ben. 

The kids then went outside to play in the leaves or play football until their parents showed up.

It was a great party!

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