Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Halloween Walk

 On Halloween, the kids were able to have a party and a parade at their school to celebrate the spooky holiday.

As tradition, the younger grades were able to walk through town and trick or treat at the businesses in town.

Lucy even joined in on the fun and Grandma, Papa, and Millie did too (they were in town for the holiday and because Ben and Emmy would be baptized the next day)  The kids had a wonderful time parading through town. 
Lucy loved riding on her Papa's shoulders. 
Hyrum was disappointed that all he did was parade in the gym in front of the other classes.  I think he is starting to get a little embarrassed when I take all my pictures. 

After the parade, Hyrum went back to his classroom for a party.

The classroom parties were a fun way to start off the Halloween celebrations for the day.  

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