Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Halloween 2014

We had a wonderful Halloween with our wonderful family that we love!

My Beautiful Bat!

My handsome Harry Potter!  Hyrum started reading Harry Potter earlier that year and absolutely fell in love with the series and reading in general.

My adorable Anna! Did you noticed she did the same pose as Emmy for pictures?  Lucy loved it when I braided her hair into two braids. Even now she still asks for Anna hair occasionally. 

My dashing Darth Vader!  To be honest, when Ben was picking a costume for Halloween, I think he just picked the first one he saw so he could be finished with the picking process.

We were lucky to have so many family members come into for Ben and Emmy's baptism. We were fortunate that they all came a day early and we were able to celebrate Halloween with them. We had delicious chilli and cornbread and scones for dinner.

Next, we took the kids to a few houses trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. After trick or treating at few houses, we headed back to spend time as a family and eat yummy candy.   It was such a fun night.

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