Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hyrum's Golden Birthday- Double Digits

My handsome Hyrum turned TEN in the month of November 2014! DOUBLE DIGITS! He has been so excited for his birthday since it was his "golden birthday!"

We started the morning off with donuts and a mickey mouse shaped blueberry pancakes.

Lucy and I met Hyrum at his school with McDonald's for lunch!

After school, we headed up to Chili's for dinner.

Next, we came back home and Hyrum opened his presents.
 Lucy gave Hyrum a foam airplane and sports cards.

 Hyrum received a subscription to the magazine Boy's Life from Emmy.

Ben gave Hyrum the Harry Potter Wii Game.

Brandon and I gave Hyrum Super Mario Brothers Wii game and a pocket knife.

Hyrum has absolutely loved his pocket knife.

Hyrum received many fun cards from family members and friends.
Even Chuck and Genia stopped by to say Happy Birthday to Hyrum.
 We finished the night with cake and ice cream after we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum.

 We love this kid! Happy Birthday to my first born who is an awesome big brother and always tries to be good!

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  1. WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO not okay with this! How can our handsome handsome Hyrum be 10 already??!! How fun and exciting for him! We miss you guys like crazy! We really need to stop raising our families so far apart from each other and make that whole neighbor thing happen again:) Love you!!