Monday, February 16, 2015

My Sweet Ben

My Benjamin also turned eight back in October with his big sister.

Ben holds my heart. I love this dear boy! I am so lucky to be his mom. I love that he still gives me loves and hugs (only if no one else is around).

Ben brings so much happiness and love to those around him. Ben is a friend to all.

Ben has a great sense of humor and is quick to laugh.

Ben is such a talented athlete. No matter what he is dong he always pushes his body to its fullest potential and the results leave me awestruck.

Ben loves going to school and does such a great job academically. Learning new things comes easy to Ben.

Ben is in heaven when he goes to scouts. Ben is constantly telling me how much fun he has.

Ben has a thing for states recently. He loves memorizing the capitols, nicknames and other fun facts about the states.
Ben has fallen in love with the piano. He is always on the piano putting extra practice time to improve.
Ben and Hyrum have a special bond. They are the best of friends and do almost everything together. The boys have been that way since Ben was big enough to keep up with Hyrum.

Emmy and Ben also have a special bond and are great friends. I still  find them cuddle up together every now and then watching a show.

Ben loves to make Lucy laugh and Lucy loves Ben.

I love his big brown eyes; they sparkle with mischief and light. 

Just like Emmy, Ben has gotten up every Fast Sunday recently to share his tender and sweet testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ during Sacrament Meeting. 

One of the memories I have of Ben, when he was a baby in the NICU, when I sang to him.  I held my sweet baby boy and sang the song I am a Child of God to him. I was so overcome with the spirit. I knew that Heavenly Father was aware of this little boy and that he was a child of God.

It has been such a honor to be Ben's mom. He is such a great example to me! I love this dear boy.

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