Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thank Heavens for Papa

My dad was able to come to Colorado the day Brigham was born. He then stayed for a week and was a huge life saver.

I was a little worried about having my kids start school so soon after I had Brigham. However, my dad was there to save the day.

He made breakfast for the kids, helped them pack their lunches, took them to school and picked them up. He even went to back to school night with Lucy.

My dad was able to be with Lucy as Brandon took me to various follow up appointments Brigham and I had.

He played games with Lucy, read books with her, he took her to the McDonald's, he took her on a bike ride and watched her favorite shows with her.

Brigham is wearing one of the pajamas I wore as a baby. 

My dad even took Lucy swimming at our local swimming pool! Lucy was in heaven.

My dad watched out for me and made me delicious meals. He also let me take two heavenly naps a day. I recovered very well fro my surgery and I think it was mostly due to the excellent care I received from Brandon and my dad.

One of my greatest blessings in my life is my dad. I am still stunned that he was willing to take a full week off of work to come and help me and my little family. I am so grateful for the constant love and support he shows my family and I.

Thanks again, dad. 

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