Monday, September 26, 2016

Sibling Love

We have a lot of love for our little Brigham in our house.
Lucy was so excited when he came home. She was ready to play hide and seek with him. We told him that he would be able to play later when he is older.

I always have lots of helpers when I give him a bath.

Lucy loves to have him watch shows with her. She has even moved his chair so he could see the shows with her.

 I love these next two pictures of Brandon with all of our kids. I love how they are exploring and loving Brigham.

 My kids get concerned when he cries. They always comment on how cute and fun he is.  They get a little concern when Brigham tries to nurse from them.  Brigham has received many kisses and hugs from his sisters.  Brigham has received some affectionate looks from his brothers.

 Lucy wanted to eat her dinner by him.

We love our Brigham!

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