Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brigham is 2 Weeks Old

 While my mom was visiting, earlier in September, Brigham turned two weeks old.  These pictures were taken on his actual two week birthday.

Those first two weeks I enjoyed everything about him.

I loved stroking his smooth soft skin and smelling his heavenly smell!

He is such a snuggly little thing. Brandon has spent many nights with him holding him so he will sleep.

He has skinny little legs. One of them even has a little freckle on the thigh. 

He has such sweet tiny ears that I love to stroke.

He would pull his legs and arms in close and scrunch up like a ball.
He would constantly pop just one eye open to look around.
He prefers to have his clothes on and to be wrapped up snug.

I love stroking his light hair on his head and on his ears.

He is such a sweet baby that we love dearly!

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