Tuesday, September 20, 2016

First Day of School 2016

 The day after I came home from the hospital was the first day of school.

The kids were so excited for school. In fact, Ben was anxious to go back to school from the time that school let out.  I left it up to my dad and Brandon to get the kids ready and get them out the door.

Thank goodness our wonderful neighbor, Genia, came over to do Emmy's hair.

I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up. It seems like I blinked and now my Hyrum is in 6th grade and in Middle School and my sweet twins are in fourth grade.

 I hope that my children know that I love them. I hope my children know that I think that each of them are wonderful, talented and smart. They each have things that they need to work on, but overall they are trying their best.

Ben has loved his Olympic shirt. He fell in love with the Olympics this past summer; particularly swimming. He wore this shirt twice during the first week of school.

Ben and Emmy's school teacher had her baby just a few days before Brigham. As a result, she is on maternity leave and the twins have had a long term substitute for their first little bit in fourth grade.

Hyrum was a little nervous, but mostly excited for his first day. He has loved middle school ever since.

I love my sweet kids and hope they have a fantastic school year of working hard, learning new things and having fun!

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