Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brigham's Birth Story

My Brigham was born August 19th at 8:27 in the morning. Just like Lucy, I had a scheduled c-section. 

The night before his birth, excitement was in the air as we were putting together the final touches for his arrival.

I was able to receive a blessing from Brandon.  It was a tender moment for me. I wasn't promised an easy delivery, but that the baby and I would be safe. It was also mentioned in the blessing that the doctor's hands would be guided in the surgery and that he would feel a help from a higher power as he was performing the surgery.

We arrived at the hospital bright and early at 6:30 in the morning after dropping off our other children at a friend's house.
After monitoring the baby for awhile, getting my iv in place and talking about the plan for my c-section I was ready to go.

Unlike the spinal that I had when I had Lucy, it didn't go in as well and was painful. It was finally in place, but I could still feel my doctor when he pinched me a few times. I ended up receiving another shot of pain medicine in my iv that made me feel a little loopy.

Just like Lucy, my doctor had a lot of scar tissue to cut through to get to Brigham. From what Brandon tells me, I was quite the hit in the operating room. I was cracking jokes with the surgeons and attendants.  To be honest, I think I was trying to ignore all the pressure that was happening to get Brigham out. It took a long time to get him out and was quite a lot of work for the surgeons.

When they held him over the drape for me to see before they took him to clean him up he was covered in blood that dripped on my face. I couldn't get over how tiny he was. I thought for sure he would be bigger.

He ended up weighing just over seven pounds and 20 inches long.

I heard him cry and he did well for awhile, but soon had problems and had to be taken to the nursery. I got to see him one last time before they took him away.

I had Brandon go with him while my surgery was finishing up.

Since he was having problems breathing and needed some extra care, I didn't see him again until around 2:30 in the afternoon.

It was wonderful to be able to see, hold and love on my baby. 

Brandon was able to hold him too.

While we were in the nursery, even my dad made it to hold him.

Finally he was able to stay with me in my room since he was stable enough. Then I was able to fully love and explore my cute little baby. He has Lucy's nose. I see a lot of Ben in his face. He has long feet like Hyrum and Lucy. As well as hair on his ears like Lucy too.

Also, like Lucy, he had a lot of hair with most of his hair in the back.

Our first night with him was a rough night of my monitors going off, his monitors going off and other issues.

Luckily enough, I had Brandon at the hospital with me since my dad was with the kids at home.

Both Brigham and I were taken off oxygen the following morning. 

The next night, the hospital gave us a wonderful dinner to celebrate being parents. They even set up a nice table with an extra nice meal.

The following morning, we got him dressed up and headed home.

We had a great welcoming committee who were so excited to see their little brother!

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