Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Brigham's First Bath

Just like his older siblings, Brigham was able to receive his first bath home from the hospital from his Papa when he was three days old.

It is a tradition that we have in our house that my dad gives the kids their first bath home from the hospital. 
It was just a quick wash down since Brigham still had parts of his body that couldn't be in water yet.

Brigham wasn't too fond of getting undressed for his bath. He prefers to be covered up and warm.
He did enjoy having his hair washed and the warm water running over him.

Papa put some nice smelling lotion and powder to finish the deal.

One of these days I will need to record my dad giving the bath. He talks to the babies so gentle and loving as they are receiving their bath.

Once his bath was complete, Brigham was smelling heavenly and ready to eat and be held.

Thanks Papa for coming to Colorado to give Brigham his first bath. 

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