Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ben and Emmy are 10

During the middle of October, my Ben and Emily turned ten! They were so excited to be in double digits. I on the other hand, have been mourning how fast my babies are growing up!

To start the morning, we had the traditional birthday meal; blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon and orange juice. Of course the pancakes need to have the number of how old your are turning drawn on them with whipped cream! Yum!

Lucy, Brigham and I took Subway to the kids, at their school, and ate lunch with them!  The kids always love it when we come. I love how excited they are to see me and give me great big hugs.  Emmy is usually the last kid out the door because she wants to stay with us.

One big treat from their birthday day is that Grandma came into town which is always a lot of fun!

We had a yummy dinner at home and headed to Ben's football game.

We went out to IHOP the next night to celebrate their birthday. It was so much fun to have grandma there. At the dinner, we all went around and discussed some of the thing we love about Emmy and Ben.

After Ben's football game, and Hyrum's preview night to young men's, we came home and opened presents.

Lucy gave Emmy a cute volleyball shirt and hair ties.
Lucy gave Ben a book series he had been wanting.
Hyrum gave Emmy a cute scarf and some new books!
Hyrum was thrilled to give Ben some army guys.

Emmy love her dance bag from Camille and Court

Ben thought his nerf bow and arrow was awesome. 
 An Itunes gift card from Sean and Tracy were also a big hit, along with the potato gun and silly straws.
 My parents gave Ben (and Hyrum) new athletic pants for his birthday.  Pants like these are Ben's favorite to wear.
 Ben also received a new frisbee!
 Emmy was given a rocking new pair of boots.
 The boys also received a minecraft lego set from my parents. 
 The girls received a Elves lego set from my parents.
The kids also received Birthday Cards and gift cards from Brandon's parents as well as Lorri and her family.

The kids also received their birthday bag of fun from Grandma Chocolate. The favorite present found in the bag was the whoopee cushion. 

Emmy made Ben a cute card.
Ben picked out a soccer ball to give Emmy.

Ben and Emmy's big present was a camera from mom and dad.  They have been taking pictures ever since.

Brigham gave them the camera cases.

To finish the night we sang Happy Birthday to them and had cake and ice cream. Emmy wanted a cake.
Ben wanted Danish Dessert. 

It was a wonderful day celebrating our cute twins!  I can't believe that it was ten years ago that Brandon and I welcomed them in to our lives. It was a crazy and hectic time, but we have been ever so blessed with them in our lives.

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